Artist statement

Travelling and meeting people of different cultures has always been my greatest inspiration for art, combined with a view of contemporary
social and cultural issues.

My mixed media paintings, landscapes and people, are an expression of emotional, acoustic and visual "snapshots", which touch me
profoundly and create inner images.
I´m attracted by wide and inhospitable landscapes - like deserts - in whose apparent emptiness and solitude, every single sign of life becomes of immense importance.
And I´m also attracted by inner deserts both in myself and mankind in general - the way everything find its way and breaks through overlaid layers.
The desert as a symbol for the great power of nature and of life itself is absolutely vital.

So, my paintings are always more a reflection of the emotional mood of my impressions than reality.
Because there are no photographs or other records of these impressions, therefore I must paint and preserve them: make them visible.

Specific themes do appear over the years again and again but not necessarily in a related time sequence.