Shimmering Town - Demonstration Step 2

by Cristal
Demonstration Step 2

Palette knife and modeling paste mixed with a touch of ochre are used to build up more houses, doorways, windows, bridges and walls in the open spaces.

This town on the canvas is now growing like the real Tangier and while working I feel strong energy and also the kind of tension when I´m really into the painting.
I take care of sharper edges on top of the houses and blend in the lower part which gives shape and a kind of depth.
In the lower part I use modeling paste mixed with ultramarine/red oxide pigment, and for other parts modeling paste mixed with ultramarine/white and blend it into the dark sand. Gold metal is used to create some more windows in the lower part.

The sky got a wash of ochre/white, not really accidental but more in the heat of the flow. Not happy with it!