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Christa Hillekamp was born in Cologne, Germany. She worked as a stage designer for nine years before emigrating to Andalusia in 1993, where she has lived as a freelance artist ever since.
Travelling and meeting people from different cultures have always been the greatest source of inspiration for her painting. 
Realistic impressions, memories, fantasy and imagination interweave in her works, as do the conventional and unconventional materials she uses for them.
Her special techniques of Experimental Art in Mixed Media open up an enormous field of creative freedom for Christa Hillekamp. 


Are there any rules in her way of working? No! Christa Hillekamp follows her intuition and remains open to spontaneous inspirations.  
Any original reference sources (photos, sketches ...) or imagined ideas are only fleeting companions during the working process. Experience shows that out of abstraction, out of apparent chaos, something stronger can develop.
Christa Hillekamp's paintings of cities, landscapes and people reflect the emotional mood of her impressions much more than reality.

Her paintings are represented in private collections in Europe, Great Britain, USA, Canada and various Arab countries.